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Having a marketing strategy is a huge part of running a successful business however it’s not always financially possible to spend big money on marketing especially for small businesses. Here are 5 affordable marketing ideas that can help get your name out and generate more business. 1. Word of Mouth (WOM) Word of Mouth is
Unsplash Beautiful Free Images & Pictures | Unsplash Unsplash has become more and more popular over the years and has quickly gained recognition as an industry-leading visual community. With over 1 million images being contributed by over 150,000 photographers they have a large library to choose from when it comes to picking the right images
1. VELONA MODERN V LETTER LOGO DESIGN Via VELONA MODERN V LETTER LOGO DESIGN by Mithun Das on Dribbble 2. Upward Via Upward by Matt Vancoillie on Dribbble 3. Letter Z Logo Via Letter Z Logo by Neha G on Dribbble 4. GD monogram logo Via GD monogram logo. by santuy_dsgn on Dribbble 5. ZULGRE
SWEOR provides a very in depth eye-opening article regarding website stats documented in 2020. 27 Eye-Opening Website Statistics Updated for 2020 In the article they talk about best practices and essential user behaviors to take into consideration when creating or updating your website. Having a website in 2020 is a key element in running your
1. CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT In 2019 Google indicated, nows the time to “focus on content” Google, 2019 It is more important then ever to have quality & unique content on your website. Giving your visitors great value is key. When speaking about content it should portray your businesses expertise, authority & trust. Express what makes